Roadtrek Roadtrip, Part 11: Louisiana to Texas

Sunday, November 14: Leaving Uncle Dick’s campground, this bridge (with all its signs!) was only a couple of miles down the road. The Roadtrek is low enough so the height restriction wasn’t an issue. And this is what the bridge looks like:

Then it was out to the interstate, and on to Texas; I generally avoid the big highways (boring, and hard on the body), but today was a day to aim for my destination and get there before dark! I stopped for a good break at the Texas Welcome Center, calling to give an ETA in San Antonio, and eating breakfast.

Roadtrek through Texas

I stopped for fuel, and the place was lined with birds, waiting for some of that pizza?

I did have to call for directions when I got close – those I’d printed out were clearly misleading! But I still made it before dark, and was greeted by several humans, dog and cat – and the local deer –

And later that evening the resident spider came out; it works on its web nightly.

6 thoughts on “Roadtrek Roadtrip, Part 11: Louisiana to Texas

  1. I seem to be working backward on your itinerary but part of the problem is my new wonderful i-pad plus the failings of an ancient brain! Anyway I’m enjoying the trip even without knowing the cast of withheld characters! See you very soon! ABG/P



    1. If I were to tinker with the photo, I would erase the power lines – but I prefer to limit my tinkering to cropping. Some day they will figure out the wisdom of putting power lines under ground, storm resistant and not interfering with my photos!

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  2. I concur, the spider pic is my favorite…that bridge, though! I’d be more concerned about weight than height on that rickety-looking thing.


    1. The other side of the bridge has a 5 ton limit, and that’s the side I crossed from – although it should make no difference as one goes down the center of the bridge from both directions! Obviously I made it OK.


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