Roadtrek Roadtrip, Part 13: Lamesa, Texas to Santa Fe, New Mexico

Saturday, November 20: Having ended yesterday’s post with the moon shortly after it rose, I thought I’d start today’s with the moon shortly before it set, taken in the park in Lamesa where I spent the night. It’s a municipal park, free and only for tourists and transients (that’s me!), with free water and electricity service. It was dark enough (some streetlights, but none shining in my windows), level (where I was; I did see one camper had had to use blocks on one side), mostly quiet (a city street runs through the middle of the park, and was not used much between 11PM and 6AM). I would definitely stay there again.

The first half of my drive today was flat. Flat, flat, flat; straight roads as far as the eye can see, boring, boring – except for the occasional town, or cotton field being harvested.

Then it was in to New Mexico, and the first part of that state was still flat. But the rail tracks run along the road – I saw several trains

and a locomotive that had been left on a siding.

I had just been through the town of Tolar – this sounds like quite a memorable event!

Tumbleweeds would come bouncing across the road, coming to rest at the next available fence. I did see a herd of antelope, but they were photo shy.

Then New Mexico started to develop more visual interest –

I pulled into the cousins’ house in Santa Fe in good time, about 3:20 – having gone into the next time zone, gaining an hour of travel time helped!

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