Roadtrek Roadtrip, Part 14: Santa Fe to Ford Lake, Kansas

Monday, November 29: My Roadtrek and my cousins’ Pleasureway said goodbye to each other – and I said goodbye to the family remaining in the house, and I and the Roadtrek headed east and north. My first stop was for fuel in Las Vegas – no, not the one famous for casinos!

Then on across the eastern part of the state, leaving the Rockies (some of which were showing snow) and out onto the high plains.

Then it was on into

And then Kansas – although there was no marking of that state line; for a while there seemed to be equal numbers of license plates from Oklahoma and Kansas, and then they were mostly Kansas. I was back in cotton country, and then back to wind farms.

I ended the evening at Ford State Fishing Lake

just north of Dodge City, Kansas. Kansas State Fishing Lakes are a reason to visit Kansas all on their own – free camping, on water, usually quiet and dark, with level spaces, and the chance to kayak if time permits. Yes, it does say self-pay station – but there isn’t one, and from previous experience, and their web site, I didn’t expect to pay. Although I would have been willing to; this is a great value. I got in too late – it was already dusk, and the sun had set – so I ate dinner, knitted several rows, and went to bed.

Tuesday, November 30: Up before the sun, I went down to the water, taking photos before the sun got above the trees.

Then I got the kayak back in the camper, and drove and drove and drove; it clouded over, and I didn’t make many stops – and they weren’t scenic. I ended in Warrensburg, Missouri, to visit friends. There was a good sunset, but no good place to get its photo.

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