Roadtrek Roadtrip, Part 16: The Ohio River, Then into Pennsylvania

Saturday, December 4: Leaving Marietta, I headed for the route that goes along the Ohio River, and partially through the Wayne National Forest. Stopping at one boat ramp (with lots of information about steamboat traffic, in particular) I watched a tug go by pushing lots of barges; on the other side of the road was a cliff. Not a lot of room for development at this spot!

As I drove on up the river, I mused on my lack of interest in taking pictures of the very industrial banks. This is clearly a working river, but photos of tanks and power plants and tanks and piles of materials and another kind of tank and docks and machinery to handle those materials did not appeal to me. There were few places to pull over with good views of the river, and the one place I would have liked to have gotten a photo (of an old and large, maybe a school? across in West Virginia) had no shoulder to pull off on. Oh, well…

Then it was across the river, through a few miles of the corner of West Virginia, and into

The driving was interesting, with the river, and then up into rolling hills, sometimes along a valley, through Bald Eagle State Park in Pennsylvania, and then it got dark without a noteworthy sunset.

The only other photo I took today was the headless NAPA man – dangerous to go buy auto parts here!

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