Holiday Parties

Having returned on December 5th, I immediately jumped into the social scene – a land preservation meeting the 6th, the holiday party at Six Loose Ladies (where I participate in two knitting groups, and the above house is across the street) on the 9th, and the Outdoor Recreation for Seniors (ORFS) holiday party the 14th. The hosts are serious UFO enthusiasts:

There was food involved – the ORFS potluck is always amazing – but I didn’t get a photo.

The plan was that I would spend Saturday, December 18th, knitting with a couple of my Quaker Knitting Goddess friends – but the forecast was for very wintery weather, and I’m glad I didn’t go. I would have made it to Brattleboro just fine – but going home would have been nasty. We spent a lot of time texting back and forth, though, so I didn’t feel left out! Sunday when I awoke, this was the view from my knitting chair:

I’ve not been out of the yard since about the 17th, so I’ve been knitting, and watching snow fall, and knitting, and not much else for the past four days.

4 thoughts on “Holiday Parties

      1. Sounds about right. Except for yesterday. We had black ice and some schools delayed. My husband wiped out on the front steps. I would rather have 10 feet of snow than any amount of ice.

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  1. What fun to see some snow! We haven’t seen ANY, and it’s getting a little boring! But considering our labor problems, it may be just as well! ABG/P



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