Yearning Wild, A Book Review

Gumtrees and Galaxies, an Australian blog, encourages reading on environmental issues and experiences ( In the interest of sharing a book I enjoyed (to where I didn’t put it down and go to sleep until I couldn’t focus on the words any more!), which I found in my local library. R. Glendon Brunk spent years in Alaska, homesteading, raising a daughter, running sled dogs, working in the woods, hunting and guiding – any thing that would get him out in the wilderness and on the land. I’m not sure I like him as a person; he was so wrapped up in himself that his marriage and family suffered, although he seems to have retained good relations with his former wife, and his daughter – or he’s rebuilt them. The word pictures of the wilderness of Alaska – and Africa, Asia, and other wild places to which he’s traveled – are really well done. He was close enough to the environment of Alaska to see the harm done by the pipeline (one of his jobs was monitoring the caribou) and rampant greed. This book was published in 2002, so it’s certainly not new, but the issues have not changed. He’s a good writer, and doesn’t gloss over his shortcomings, or the difficulties of life around the Arctic Circle. Having no idea how available this book is, I’m not going to tell you to go hunt it down, but I’m really glad I stumbled across it.

5 thoughts on “Yearning Wild, A Book Review

  1. This sounds excellent, it is people on the ground that are recording the changes in the natural world, while so many of us are totally oblivious to how much it is changing. Just did a quick search and it is not too hard to find at all, so will add this to my list it does sound like a great read. 🌻

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