Annmarie Gardens

Annmarie Sculpture Gardens and Art Center ( are just down the road from where my friend is, in Solomons, Maryland. Now that she’s moving, I’m not likely to be visiting as often as previously, but it’s well worth a visit if you are down this way. And there is so much to see and do if you are in the southern part of Maryland! Beaches, Historic St. Mary’s City (, camping, lots of water from small creeks and large rivers to the Chesapeake Bay. St. Marys College of Maryland is in the area (my sister and brother-in-law retired from teaching there), as is Patuxent Naval Air Station. Spring is a wonderful time to visit. I used to reliably be able to pick daffodils in a sheltered spot before the end of February; this week the past few days have been sunny, with temperatures a comfortable 60F (15C). It’s been very pleasant, sleeping in the camper. Of course, it’s spring – forecast is for rain turning to snow tonight, and alternating rain and snow through tomorrow. Not great weather for packing up and moving!

4 thoughts on “Annmarie Gardens

  1. I’m glad you have told all your friends and cronies about the virtues of spring in Southern Maryland, every word is true! When will we, a little bit north, be seeing you? ABG/P



  2. Did you get to Cornfield Harbor? In 1848, 77 enslaved people tried to escape from Washington DC on The Pearl. Cornfield Harbor is where they were caught by a steamboat sent by the enslavers to find them.


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