Blue Sweater, Completed!

Monday, February 14: My cousin’s sweater is finally completed! Yarn: a strand of Helen Hamann Superfine Alpaca, run with a strand of Elann Silken Kydd, at about 7 stitches per inch. Pattern – do I remember? Heck, no! The inspiration came from a knitting magazine (which I left in Vermont), but of course I can’t just follow a pattern! I made it top down, stopped the cabling around the yoke a couple of inches early (my cousin is short), continued cables down to the hem and cuffs, which I changed completely. I’m pleased with the outcome, and it feels amazing – soft and cushy, and soft – did I say soft? I would sit and pet it between working on it. Next: a dog sweater for one of my canine friends. Or maybe a hat for a human friend…

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