Roadtrek Roadtrip, Virginia to Baltimore

Thursday, February 17: I started – and finished – this hat during my couple of days off. This photo was snapped quickly, as I was loading to leave – it doesn’t show the detail on the top. Oh, well! It was a quick knit, using two strands of an unnamed acrylic found at a thrift shop by the recipient, started Tuesday evening, finished Thursday morning when all I had left to do was weave in the ends.

As I was pulling out, I saw that the first of the daffodils is starting to show color – it was so warm (60 – 70F, 15 – 21C) I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t fully open by the end of the day!

Then it was on to Solomons, Maryland, where I dropped off the hat and a few other things, and picked up the belongings I’d emptied from the Roadtrek to make more room for moving. I was too late to miss rush hour for the drive up to Baltimore, which was slower than I’d hoped, but I was able to have dinner with my aunt, show her the blue sweater I’d knit with her yarn (posted two posts ago), and deliver said sweater to my cousin.

Tomorrow I head back to Vermont, a full day of driving, and by Saturday will start the next knitting project. Stay tuned…

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