Stranded, Without Water…

I’m not really stranded; I just can’t get either of my vehicles out of the driveway!

Returning home from Virginia and Maryland, Friday, February 25, I drove nearly up to where the car was, in the dark, late in the evening. The next morning when I tried to leave to go to the Knitting Goddess gathering for which I’d come home, this is where the Roadtrek decided to go – crosswise in the driveway, on what turned out to be glare ice! I am fortunate in my friends – one couple has a spare car, and another gave me a ride over to borrow it, so I was able to join my knitting friends for the day. And I was able to keep the borrowed car for a few days, which meant I was able to go get buckets and buckets of sand, and spread them around and under the camper. I put everything I could think of under the wheels to give more traction. Nothing worked! Then it rained, creating more ice when it froze. Meanwhile, when the house was warm enough, I primed the water pump, and it ran without problem, got up to pressure, and shut off – but I could hear water doing something it should not. A solder joint had failed. Needless to say, a plumber is not going to make it up my driveway until I can get the vehicles out of the way!

But I am fortunate in my friends. I can shower at the neighbor’s, and haul drinking and cooking water; I can catch enough water off the roof for flushing the toilet. The neighbor is willing to let me borrow the car, or take me shopping when she goes. The friends with the spare car are going to see if another of their spare cars runs, and let me borrow that. Spring is coming (sap is running), and I’ll keep trying to extract the Roadtrek until something works – although that may not be until the sheets of ice melt! For days, I didn’t step out of the house without micro-spikes on my boots; it was really treacherous underfoot. Now, with a few inches of new snow, and using ski poles for extra safety, it is easier to walk without them.

That’s why I’ve not posted lately – not only have I been busy hauling and shoveling many 5 gallon buckets of sand, but without high speed internet at home, posting doesn’t work so well. I will keep you informed, and let you know when I am FREE again!

9 thoughts on “Stranded, Without Water…

  1. Wow! I am glad you are okay. I hope the water leak didn’t cause to much of a problem. You are fortunate in you friends, which tells me you must be a good friend as well.


  2. Wow, what a saga! Fortunately you are a woman of almost limitless resources and stamina, as you are proving, and have lots of helpful friends, as they are proving to be! But I hope that rescue is nearly at hand, or better, has already occurred, and you can now draw a long deep breath of relief! I’m sorry to be so far away that I can’t of any help whatever except to sympathize. Chin up! Anne >


  3. It is never just one thing at a time from my experience, if something is going to go wrong it will always be at the most inopportune time. Plumbers never seem to be needed when it is convenient, I think they have a secret contract with the universe.

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