Another Completed Sweater

When I got off the train two days ago, I had only about 3 rows of ribbing to complete, and I finished them yesterday morning, washed and blocked it. Even making a good sized swatch did not tell me how much the yarn would stretch! I may end up taking some out to make it smaller, when my cousin can try it on; he’s slender, and the sweater is not any more. But I didn’t weave in the bind off ends, so it will be easy to take apart if needed. The yarn: Rowan Silk Twist; I used 570 g., or a little less than 1 1/2 pounds. It is 53% silk, 30% wool, 12% mohair, 5% polyamide, a pleasure in the hands, and even though very lightly twisted and plied, did not split as much as I expected. I knit it at 4.25 stitches per inch – it blocked out at 16.5 stitches in four inches. Oh, well –

This is more from my aunt’s stash, going to one of her sons. It is a pleasure to work with her high end yarn – much cushier than what is in my collection! It was a very quick knit, a little less than three weeks from start to finish. But BORING – except for the ribbing, it is all stockinette all the time. But that’s what the yarn wanted; it has enough interest on its own, and didn’t want to be distracted by fun stuff like cables. The pattern is a generic, knit-by-the-numbers top down raglan, with nothing fancy about it, but the proportions come out consistently well, which is especially good if you can’t try it on the recipient as you go.

I’ve resumed working on a pair of socks, until I get the information to start the next “Aunt stash” sweater for the next cousin.

And today I went to the Champlain Valley Quilt Guild show (and may post some of that another day), and cut out a pattern based on one of my sister’s skirts to make another one – a very crafty day!

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