Kayaking in South Carolina

Monday, May 9, Conway, South Carolina: Today was my first day on the water this season. The Waccamaw River winds through Conway; there’s a boat ramp on it not far from the cousin’s house. That’s where I started out. I opted to go upstream/current and up wind.

The dominant tree along the river is cypress; I’ve always loved these trees, with their knees and buttressed trunks.

There was one small creek that I followed until a sunken tree blocked my way.

And some of the cypress had very sculptural parts.

There were lots of very shy turtles – one small one was shy enough to get itself stuck between cypress knees trying to get into the water to get away from me! I went back and pulled it out, and it shoved itself off my hand and into the water before I could get a photo. Back out on the Waccamaw, the turtles were not so shy.

The other notable wild things were the spider lilies. I’ve seen them in Florida, but not here – they are spectacular wildflowers!

There were several of these little pocket beaches along the river.

I went up as far as downtown Conway, and the parks there, and turned around at the old Route 501 bridge.

This No Wake Zone marker was lying down on the job:

And this fern was growing in its own little garden.

I was out for a lot longer than I thought I would be for my first time out – about 1 3/4 hours. it was a perfect start to the season, with new places to explore, old favorites like cypress and spider lilies to see, and some great wildlife sightings. The best of those happened too fast to get out the camera: a Great Blue Heron flew in front of me – with a snake for its next meal in its mouth!

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