Finished Sewing Projects

This was the first priority; my granddaughter had given me three lengths of sari fabric. The color of this one is perfect for my sister, and she requested a wrap skirt – something with plenty of room for her cello to nestle amongst its folds. So here’s the finished product. I completed everything but the hem in South Carolina; that happened today. I also completed the simple dress below; I picked up the fabric (of unidentified fiber content, but probably natural) at a friend’s yard sale last year. My friend ran it through the washing machine while I was in Virginia, and today I ironed it. It’s something with no front or back; the pockets will go either way, and the neckline is the same.

So yes, I have moved on. I left Virginia late afternoon, and got in to my friends’ house in southern Maryland at about 7.

2 thoughts on “Finished Sewing Projects

  1. Ummm – made it up? This is the third generation, and I finally got the armholes perfect. It’s bias cut, with the hemline generally following the point of the fabric, and the shoulder seams angled in so that it falls right.


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