ORFS at Bradley Lake, New Hampshire

Tuesday, June 7: Another Tuesday, and Outdoor Recreation for Seniors (ORFS) was out again, this time to Bradley Lake in Andover, New Hampshire. It was a glorious day, and 17 of us were out in kayaks, with another few walking, going around the lake and then eating lunch on the shore when we returned.

One couple has a pair of super squirt water guns; in theory they only spray each other, but sometimes others get caught in the crossfire! When I was overheating, about 3/4 of the way around the lake, I requested (and received) a spray of cooling water.

Fish eggs? frog eggs? Some kind of eggs!

5 thoughts on “ORFS at Bradley Lake, New Hampshire

  1. Hi, I hope your dinner In Maine went well. None time I was invited to sail a 24 Ft. Sail boat up in Salem, Ma., and several had those water guns. Well, it was a lot of fun, and a grate memory. Stay safe. Johnny

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  2. Outdoor recreation for seniors? That sounds awesome! I live in Charlestown. Is there an age limit to be considered “senior,” lol? How does one hook up with this?


    1. If you think of yourself as a senior, you are a senior?? The age range seems to be between 60 or so and 90. It is through the Chapin Sr. Center in New London; look for ORFS on their web site. It’s definitely awesome – unless I’m out of town, I rarely miss a Tuesday on the water. We gather at about 10AM, and disperse after eating lunch together, usually 1 or 2PM.


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