Long Weekend in Connecticut

The highlight of the long weekend in Connecticut (south on Thursday night, north on Tuesday evening) was spending an afternoon with my almost seven month old great-grandson! He’s a joy, cheerful, easily entertained, smiling… and likes the slippery texture of tags, which he’s going for here.

I also visited with friends, and went to a memorial service for a nearly 97 year old friend of the family. Our families were close, and I grew up with her children, two of whom were near me in age. It was great to see all of them – two from England – and catch up not only with her biological children, but with the step-children as well, whom I’ve gotten to know over the years. It was great to hear stories – how many continue to host family reunions for a late spouse’s family, even after remarrying? I visited with her, and her second husband, often – they summered in Maine, wintered in Florida, had space to park the camper, found me kayaking venues, and in between seasons stayed at their house in Connecticut. I was able to join them on their canal boat in England – and they paid for the trip!! – when they were looking for younger muscles to work the locks. I miss them both, but have so many good memories.

The weekend ended for me on Tuesday, when I was able to join a few of my knitting buddies for their regular Tuesday gathering; I was much more regular at that before Covid – and before I started kayaking with ORFS!

But I’m glad to be home, where it is several degrees cooler.



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