Water Chestnut Pull on the Connecticut River

Friday, July 15: Four of us went out from Walpole, New Hampshire, and across the Connecticut River to a cove where we’ve been working on eliminating the invasive water chestnut. It was a beautiful day – a few of the things that caught my eye:

This was my haul – It’s interesting that up here, the removal of water chestnut is measured by counting their rosettes; in Connecticut, with much worse infestations, it’s measured by number of sacks! My haul was about 1/4 of what I pulled the week before.

5 thoughts on “Water Chestnut Pull on the Connecticut River

  1. Oh! Walpole is not that far from me! Next time, let me know and I will toss my Tucktec foldable kayak in my car and help you all pull some water chestnut from that cove. You have my number. I have been helping Kelly S. with cleaning up nasty trash from the banks of the Black River and also digging up nuisance aquatic weed from along the edge of Amherst Lake, so these kinds of projects are right up my alley!


    1. If you are on Kelly’s list, you probably heard about the water chestnut pull this morning – too late now! Get her to connect you with Laurie Callahan for future events. I have a standing knitting group on Wednesday mornings, so didn’t go today.


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