Northern Forest Canoe Trail: Paddle/Pedal

Saturday, July 16: The Northern Forest Canoe Trail ( goes from Maine through New Hampshire and Vermont, and well into New York’s Adirondacks – and wanders into Canada along the way. Richford, Vermont is the venue for this fun event – contestants paddle about six miles downstream, and then bicycle about five miles back; the rail trail is a lot straighter than the Missisquoi River! This is the second time I have volunteered; I was busy enough helping with registration, and then with timing as the bicyclists finished, I took relatively few photos. About 75 people took part, from children to retirees, including a couple of international travelers who made this part of their vacation. 

Of course, there has to be a way to get the bicycles shuttled down, and the boats shuttled back –

This is a quick event, over in time for lunch. There were serious competitors, arriving breathless, and teams who waited so they could cross the finish line together. It was a beautiful day, with enough breeze to make it comfortable, and the town park with its water access made hanging out a delight.


5 thoughts on “Northern Forest Canoe Trail: Paddle/Pedal

  1. Wow! You volunteer for that event. That is great! I get the newsletter as I donate to NCT so I know about 90 miler. On my bucket list… maybe it won’t ever happen but always fun to think it could.🛶


      1. 👍🛶 Thanks. But 740…Nope! I read Laura Chandlers book about her journey, nice to read but I think that those days of that much adventure left me when I retired from the military.


  2. Ooooh, this looks like something even I could handle though. You say six miles down paddling and five miles peddling back? OK, just got my foldable Tucktec kayak. Are kayaks allowed, or just canoes? Gotta get a bike, too, lol! Thanks for sharing this. Love your posts.


    1. This is a for-the-fun-of-it event, so there’s no pressure – especially in the recreation class! Kayaks are definitely allowed – although without a deck, the Tucktec might count as a canoe. Bikes – and canoes, and maybe even kayaks – are available to rent. Come join the fun – you have another year to figure it out.

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