ORFS Kayak on the Connecticut River

Tuesday, July 26: Outdoor Recreation for Seniors (ORFS) gathered for our weekly outing, the kayakers heading north on the Connecticut River. Vermont Adaptive Sports went out as we were gathering, taking a group of school age, probably autistic youth, who seemed to have a wonderful time. Using about 10 canoes and kayaks, they were well upriver before I was able to launch – and when I did, I got the inflatable cushion I sit on unevenly under me, so once on the river ended up taking it out. Eventually I caught up with other slow ORFS!

There were lots of ducks – the babies at the launch were catching up on their beauty sleep later.

Actually, except for the vigilant mama, most of the ducks were drowsing in the heat of the day!

ORFS went on and up a small creek near Hanover.

Norwich/Hanover bridge

We returned to the launch after about 5 1/2 miles on the water, and pulled out chairs and sat at the picnic tables to visit over lunch. It was a perfect day, not too windy (although on the nose for our return, of course!), not too hot, not too strenuous.


3 thoughts on “ORFS Kayak on the Connecticut River

  1. Another great kayaking day, it looks very sociable and like lots of fun! What is that large tube whose muzzle seems to be filled with foliage? Is it attached to the shore? I love the ducks! ABG/P



  2. Wow! Five and a half miles! That’s awesome! I went out on the Connecticut for the first time in my new Tucktec last Sunday, launching from the new kayak launch at Patch Park in Charlestown, NH, and found the river to be quite strenuous there to paddle in that day. LOTS of wind, current and wakes from boats zipping by with tubers attached. I really got a workout in my shoulders. I had to laugh as I thought that perhaps that was not the best place to enjoy my maiden voyage on the Connecticut in my Tucktec.


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