Completed Socks

With the weather on the warm side, it got too hot to continue working on the heavy wool sweater that’s 2/3 done; I completed these socks instead. Pattern: my go to generic toe up sock, this time on smaller needles (size 1, instead of 2) up through the heel, then when a point broke, changed to size 2. It was my first venture doing two at a time on one circular needle; once I got going it was really easy. Yarn: something anonymous, gifted by a friend, soft and woolly – and in spite of the purple in it, I like the colors. It was completely unlabeled, but divided neatly in two in more or less the middle when I wound the skein into two balls, so it was probably intended to be sock yarn. The design was a combination of patterns from The Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible, my go to when I want something not boring to knit. I played yarn chicken, not wanting to have yarn left over – and had to find something in stash that was close enough in color to finish binding off the last two inches!

Now I’ve started knitting a monster for the great-grandson, small enough to not overheat me.


6 thoughts on “Completed Socks

  1. Beautiful socks!!!! The recipient is going to be thrilled! I thoroughly enjoyed the literary details! Thanks! ABG/P



  2. You are so multi-talented! LOL, what, by the way, is “yarn chicken”? Inquiring minds just have to know! 🙂


    1. Yarn chicken is when you might not have quite enough yarn to complete something – an item, a row, and you proceed anyway. I do this more and more often, as I want to use as much as possible of the yarn, so as not to leave little balls of leftovers in my stash!


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