Not My Usual Fiber Craft

Saturday, August 6: Wood craft today; I have a friend with pretty severe Alzheimers, and his wife was asking for suggestions for things to keep him engaged and occupied. So I made him a peg board from scrap lying around, and a dowel from the collection. I didn’t put a finish on it, as speed was important, just cut, drilled, sanded to eliminate splinters. Anyone else with ideas, feel free to chime in! I also took over a bunch of fat yarn; he can wind yarn around the dowels, if he wants. Or just tie it in knots…


5 thoughts on “Not My Usual Fiber Craft

    1. No; I’ve made one of those, too, back when I was weaving as my primary fiber craft. I think that one winds about 12 yards at a time. This is just 3/8″ pegs, which he can move around, wrap yarn around, put spools over – anything that appeals.

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    1. It would work as a spool holder, for spools with larger holes! But that’s not its intention.
      A comfort quilt is a good idea, once the weather cools off; I’ll have to consider that.


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