Cleanup on the Connecticut River

Saturday, August 20: It was a perfect day to be on the water – and to be pulling trash from the Connecticut River. We had three pairs of people in canoes,

plus me in my kayak as an overflow trash container. We went from the Cornish launch just across the Connecticut River from Windsor down to North Star Canoe a few miles south; they are a retired canoe livery company that volunteers their boats every year for our clean up efforts. We filled the bed of a pickup truck with trash – lots of tires and metal, and bags of smaller stuff. Along the way we admired the flora

and fauna:

In addition to the cormorants and mergansers, we saw a couple of different kinds of herons and lots of kingfishers.

With a couple of boats on each side of the river, we continued on; at one point we offloaded some from the most overloaded canoe into my kayak so that there was room again for the second person in the boat!

And then we were back at North Star, unloading and washing out boats, and heading for home – except for the truck, which detoured by the transfer station to unload all the trash!


5 thoughts on “Cleanup on the Connecticut River

  1. It is fun to read about the great cleanup work you and others are doing on the Connecticut River! Congratulations! ABGP



  2. Oh, my gosh! This was the cleanup I was trying to find the details on, lol! I was available that day with my tucktec kayak, too. I reached out to Kelly S. and Laura C., but neither of them knew of it, and I had forgotten I had read about it here on your blog. Oy, I had a senior moment. So sorry I missed it, and I am so close to that area, too, here in Charlestown. You have my phone number, Beth. I will send you my email, too. Please let me know if any other cleanups come up in this area.


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