Another Party Weekend!

I was invited to a triple birthday celebration on Saturday, and offered to bring cake. My good friend requested anything but chocolate – I’m not sure I know how to make things not chocolate! So I decided I’d do a Batatada (sweet potato/coconut/lime, a recipe from Macao) cake for her:

It came out more dense than I expected, but smelled heavenly, and my friend loved it. For those of us who don’t think it’s cake if it’s not chocolate, I made a roulade filled with chocolate cherry amaretto filling, and covered with ganache. It didn’t look great – not up to Great British Baking Show standards, for sure! I was in too much of a hurry to take my time with the ganache. But it tasted wonderful. And didn’t make it to the table unmolested by the friend who carried it in to the house!

It was an excellent party, held outdoors in perfect weather in the hills of southern Vermont. There were lots of people there, mostly family (some from as far afield as Australia), and I got to meet some of their neighbors and relatives, all interesting, and three generations. There were tables of food, and three more cakes, and some mini pies, and no chance anyone couldn’t find something they liked to eat. I’d taken the camper, so I wouldn’t have to drive home so late, and so that I could visit more in the morning; I spend enough time there that there is a designated camper parking spot with a place to plug in!

I left in the early afternoon, as I had yet another party to attend – this one a “Meet the Groom” party as they are getting married in October, and because he lives out of state, no one had met him yet. This was a four generation party, including the newest member of the family, born this summer. The incipient groom was a really good sport, getting into the pool with some of the grandchildren, and splashing (and being splashed) enthusiastically.

I’d been given some leftover food from the first party, and dropped it off with friends who are dealing with health issues, and was home just before dark. Busy weekend.


4 thoughts on “Another Party Weekend!

  1. Wow, sounds like a wonderful time filled with food, family, friends, and lots of fun. Your Macao cake sounds amazing, I’d love the recipe!


  2. Wow! Your Social Calendar is busier than mine has been for at least thirty years! What fun it all sounds and so filled with Good Deeds and marvelous food too! ABGP



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