Completed Blogathon Shawl

On the First of September – I finished the Blogathon Shawl while I was at Knit Night at Six Loose Ladies. It’s not my color, so I knew I’d be giving it to someone – I didn’t know it would turn out to be the new knitter sitting next to me! And she’s leaving for a long trip to the west coast, so I didn’t even weave in the ends; she can do that. I also didn’t put any thought or time in to staging the photo; it was easy to hang it over the pegs holding yarn on the display wall, so that’s what I did.

The pattern is available free: It is very adaptable; I’ve done it in three different yarns, now. An easy and easily memorized lace pattern, it was something to put on my lap on those much too hot days, when going back to working on my cousin’s heavy wool sweater was too much to contemplate! It is a rayon/cotton blend, very soft and with great drape, Quellón from Araucania. I used two 100 gr. skeins, plus a partial ball – this was left over from another knitter’s shawl project, and I didn’t want it added to my stash so used up all but about a yard.

The temps are starting to cool; I still will need another small not too warm project to work on, but soon I should be able to go back to the sweater without being too hot!


7 thoughts on “Completed Blogathon Shawl

  1. What a wonderful present for an incipient knitter! She will be inspired to move onwards and upwards! What is a Blogathon? ABGP



    1. The designer of the shawl mentioned being inspired at a blogathon; she mentioned buying yarn. A google search tells me that they are most often contests for technical writers, blogging about technical subjects. Not my area of expertise!


      1. Thanks for cluing me in! This is the first time I’ve replied on A Year of Kayaking, a new adventure! ABGP



  2. My first response may have vanished into thin air, and I’m hoping this one does NOT! What a great present for an incipient knitter, she must be very greatful! ABGP >


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