Black River Action Team in Action

Saturday, September 10: The Black River Action Team (B.R.A.T.) divided to conquer the trash in the Black River this year. When we started arriving, it was still quite foggy, but it cleared out nicely.

One group cleaned up the river (as they do every year) up near the shopping plaza in Springfield, Vermont; this year a group also went up river from the landing where the Black River meets the Connecticut, going upstream to pull trash.

We had six kayaks – not great for carrying tires, but good for spotting trash; two canoes (the one above was much better balanced when it had a tire in the bow); one scow shaped fishing boat which was great for hauling the big stuff. As a matter of fact, they loaded so much big stuff on it that they offloaded some on the shore where a truck could get it later! And we had one swimmer; she’s really good, and equipped with fins and goggles, was able to spot things under water that the rest of us couldn’t see.

We went upstream until boats bottomed out; at that point there was the base of a patio table, so that was pulled down to where there was enough water to float a boat. Further up, there are falls. 

It was a very productive day on both ends of the clean-up – we got off the water, loaded up boats, and went to the middle school, where the other cleaner uppers had bags and bags of trash, a pile of tires, and a pickup truck already loaded! (I should have gotten a photo of their impressive haul, but I was tired, and aimed for the pizza and B.R.A.T. t-shirt with which we were rewarded.) One more river cleaner than it was before.

5 thoughts on “Black River Action Team in Action

  1. Happy to have had you on board, Beth! There was also a young family working the stretch of the Black River from North Springfield down to the middle school, a couple of folks who cleaned along the edge of the middle school and up probably half a mile or so, and several members of the track team (along with their coach) cleaned up the Toonerville Trail recreational path (they had to make two trips to deliver all their junk!)…all in all, a productive and beautiful day. 🙂

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      1. If I may, I’d like to borrow one of your photos for the album I’m building for this year’s RiverSweep!


  2. Nice pics, Beth, and so great to finally meet you! Thanks for all your great kayaking and paddling tips, too! They really helped being a newbie to this activity!

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