Adirondack Balloon Festival, Sunday Morning

Sunday morning, September 25: I missed an excellent photo of the sunrise, because I thought getting dressed before stepping out of the camper would be a good thing… but I was down at the viewing area as the first balloons were lifting off. This time there were three setting up on top, by all the campers. The one with the bears is the one that had done that every launch; it was joined by two more.

Then I turned my attention to the airfield, where the majority of the balloons launched. The wind was light and variable – I watched as craft lifted off, drifted south, drifted east, drifted north, and west again, basically making a large loop! And “Here comes the sun” played in my head as I saw a new shape inflated. And this time the panda went up, not just tethered in place.

At one point, I saw a chase vehicle come up the hill, with balloon and basket, but lost track of them until I heard the whoosh of propane. It had launched from up above all the campers, and came down over them.

I did a little more visiting, getting a tour of an RV the size of mine but new, and four wheel drive, and with large battery storage so it’s running on electricity, not propane, for stove and refrigerator. Nice folks, doing my preferred kind of camping (boondocking), and with a very cute small dog. Then I ate breakfast, stowed everything, and headed out at about 9:30. Most activity down at the airport was over, although I saw several chase vehicles returning with their balloons and baskets in the next several miles.

I feel very ambivalent about this sport. It is beautiful, and it’s a great group of people – but the amount of propane expended for a recreational activity is mind-boggling – to say nothing of the fuel used by all us spectators to get there! I think I’ll stick with kayaking.


One thought on “Adirondack Balloon Festival, Sunday Morning

  1. Real nice. I have attended a couple of these balloon meets. They are something else. And you are correct, the people are wonderful, at lease the ones I did meet. Take care. Love the photos. Your friend. Johnny

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