Roadtrek Roadtrip, Kayaking the Waccamaw River

Thursday, October 20: I drove the few miles into downtown Conway, South Carolina, and launched from town, heading up river against the tidal current. It was a perfect day – sunny, not too warm or cool, and on a weekday the water wasn’t crowded. I saw only two small fishing boats in the time I was out.

I paddled up to where a canal goes straight, and the river turns right; first photo is the canal (which next time I will follow; it has another launch somewhere on it), second is the railroad swing bridge shortly after making the turn.

This is a low land of cypress and pines, with some oaks scattered through. I do like cypress knees!

There were lots of turtles – but the only one willing to pose was the one by the city waterfront; the rest I mostly saw as they splashed into the water!

The city of Conway wants boaters to know they are welcome – there are also signs asking that you not anchor for more than 72 hours!

This is where I turned around, about two miles from the launch.

As I returned, I saw that the city has decorated one of its gazebos for Halloween, with a very thin person fishing:

Because there was signage for the Waccamaw River Blue Trail, I looked it up when I returned to the house, and was able to download a map of its many miles – I now have places to explore for several more trips!

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