Roadtrek Roadtrip, to Elk Neck State Park, Maryland

Sunday, October 23 – Monday, October 24: Leaving Baltimore, I had some shopping to do; the mall parking was short spaces, and a parking garage where I am unsure about the height clearance. So I backed in to a space – and up against the hill behind me, filling the hitch receptacle! But my nose was out of the travelway. Barely! From there I wandered back roads to Elk Neck State Park, which is at the head of the Chesapeake Bay, where the Susquehanna and Elk Rivers meet. I’ve camped here before, a couple of times; this time I was meeting a friend from Virginia with her teardrop camper. When I arrived, she was in a site across the road from the one assigned – with a sharp turn and steep hill, there was no way to back in her little rig, especially with wet leaves. Because the good weather was no longer; it rained, on and off, all day, and then again on Monday. (And Tuesday, but I haven’t gotten there yet!) Monday we moved site; the entire park is booked for Halloween weekend, but there was a site easier to access where we wouldn’t have to move again.

We are close enough together, door to door, so that we can hand things across without getting our feet muddy! Because it is WET!! Removing shoes as we enter either vehicle is the order of the day; Genne gets her feet wiped if there’s a human with enough hands available. Because the weather was so lousy, we spend most of the day indoors, crafting on our individual projects. This is Genne at the end of the day; her human is just glad it’s not her muddy feet on the pillow!


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