Roadtrek Roadtrip: Out to the Lighthouse

Thursday, October 27: It dawned – and the sun was shining! After four days of gloom and wet, we were set for an adventure! There’s a lighthouse at the end of the road, and from the parking lot, it claims to be 1.5 miles (2.4 k) to the lighthouse. My phone tracked less; Julie’s tracked more; it’s probably about right. And it is more than my aging joints are happy hiking, but the lighthouse is worth it. I’ve been out there before, and the view down the Bay is wonderful.

The walk out and back gave us more foliage, hundreds of vultures, what were probably harrier hawks, a large flock of bluebirds!! and views over the Susquehanna River. It was a perfect day – sunny and pleasantly cool.

On the side of a Jeep in the parking lot:

In the campsite, our tablecloth on the picnic table had, appropriately, leaves falling on it.


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