Roadtrek Roadtrip, Friday at Home

Friday, October 28: The day dawned sunny, with a fairly brisk breeze. After yesterday’s hike, I was happy to mostly sit around the campsite and knit – I finished the second Christmas stocking.

It is PINK. This confection is for a five year old girl, and it is her color – definitely not mine! I had to little pink in my stash that I put out the word to the Thursday night knit group, and the day I left they came through with a bag of pink yarn! (And some purple; that’s for stocking #4.) I did spend money on this one – I bought a little pompom maker. I want this set to look related, but different; putting it next to the first one as I knit helped them come out roughly the same size, and with similar stripes. Large needles (#9) and doubled yarn makes for a quick project, and the marled coloring in the light pink. Gee, why doesn’t the computer know that word??


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