Happy Birthday, DKS

Wishing my Dear Kid Sister a Happy Birthday! And there’s a birthday gift, too, knitted, of course!

A little something to keep the back of the neck warm, but the above photos really don’t do the color justice.

That’s better! This yarn caught my eye at the Yarn Kippur gathering at Six Loose Ladies, because it’s definitely colors for my sister. The yarn is three novelty yarns, two hand dyed, then hand spun together, and I used a gray alpaca/wool blend from my aunt’s stash for the cast on and bound off edges. It’s a bit of silliness designed to keep the back of the neck warm. Because she plays cello, I did a buttonhole opening to hold it together in the front – a button or shawl pin might scratch the instrument. Will she wear it? Maybe not – but it was fun to design and knit anyway.

So, DKS – it’s tempting to drive up and hide it for you to find tonight, because I know you won’t be home – but it seems irresponsible to drive four hours for such a frivolous reason! It will live in the car until I come your way again. Hope you have a lovely dinner out and concert tonight –


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, DKS

  1. DNB, I finally figured out your VERY simple capital code, and you will be much smarter at figuring out mine! I love your scarf/shawl, the design and the edging, and am delighted to be a passive contributor! I also love your cross fastening hole, a wonderful solution for a potential problem! She will be very happy and very snug! XXX!, AA



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