Knitting With Dogs

Yesterday I had a play date with a knitting friend, and ended up playing with Honey a good bit of the time. It was pouring rain, and she was bored – and hasn’t learned to knit yet! Then today, at Six Loose Ladies knit group, we saw the solution if your hands tend to fly up into the air –


6 thoughts on “Knitting With Dogs

  1. What fun for everybody, especially for the alert lap sitter! He/She was in control of the entire visual scene! When I was a child I tried to learn to knit with the yarn slipping through my fingers, but gave it up as too difficult, and now, I STILL knit like a child, alas! It sounds like you all had a marvelous Thanksgiving, what fun! We missed being there, but the three of us had a convivial time too! Adios for now!



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