Saying Goodbye to the Four-leggeds

Elsie, the dog – she likes to have a pillow under her head. It took her a few days to stop barking when I came back, or went up to bed, or got up in the morning… But by the end of my stay, she’d decided I was OK.


Pearl – she thought my computer was a good thing to sit on while it was charging. Maybe it was warm…

Simon – one of the twins.

Andy – the other twin, and a problem child. He bullies anyone he thinks he can get away with bullying. Of course, sometimes he’s a real sweetheart… to humans, anyway!

So I said goodbye to my host, and all the four-leggeds, and started for home. I have to give high marks to the Apple Store in South Portland, which was my first stop.

I wanted to return the expensive charging cable I bought in October because the smallest piece exploded. Well, in theory, there’s a two week window to return things. The manager not only refunded my money, but went out back and found the little piece that had fallen apart (I’d glued it back together a couple of times, but that’s a temporary solution) and handed it to me – no charge! I could have kept charging it by using the larger extension that comes with the system, but that’s awkward to travel with, so I’m extremely happy with that kind of customer service. Yay, Apple!

On to Concord, New Hampshire, where I’m staying with one of the Quaker Knitting Goddesses for the night. We had a delicious dinner of salmon, seaweed salad, rice, broccoli, and roasted vegetables, followed by my chocolate mousse. And we are sitting here with our knitting. I’ll go home tomorrow, so I don’t have to deal with slogging up my hill in the dark.


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