Visiting Family and Friends

Yesterday (Friday) I spent visiting with my Baltimore cousin, mostly. My nephew came by her condo on his way to work, so I got to see him as well (and hand off the quart of maple syrup made by his parents in Vermont). I also took the time to get the bags of food and clothing into storage spaces in the camper, making it much easier to move around and find things. And I didn’t drive anywhere!

I started today by being picked up and taken to breakfast by two friends from Towson; they also drove me through that town so I could see, and photograph, the “Welcome to Towson” sign. It was designed by one of their neighbors, and their daughter was one of the people who painted it. Then they returned me to the camper and I spent more time visiting with my cousin and knitting. This evening we went to see my 96 year old aunt at her retirement community, and she fed us dinner. She’s the one of the deep stash, at which I’ve been whittling away; we talked knitting and yarn, and I completed another Scrubby washcloth. Having seen it, my cousin wants one:

In addition to the daffodils, forsythia, pear, magnolia, and pansies are also blooming. It is definitely spring in Maryland!


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