Returning Home

Wednesday, October 13: I had a couple of choices for my return south. I originally thought I’d go the more direct route, the back roads – pretty scenery route. As I was on my way out to the main road, the weather forecast said there would be heavy valley fog, burning off late morning. Well, if you can’t see anything anyway, there’s not a lot of point in taking the slower roads! So I got on the interstate, and in the high places could see fog sitting in the valleys, and could enjoy the foliage and peaks. But I was about 800 feet above the White River valley, and probably 30 miles from the Connecticut River, when it started to look like this. Sigh. It remained foggy all the way down above the Connecticut River, and over to Chester, although sometimes it was more above me, and sometimes lightened as the sun tried to poke through. I spent the rest of the morning at knit group, and by the time we departed it was sunny with no sign of fog. On my way home, someone had put pumpkins randomly over this rock, backed by beautiful foliage:

More Adventures in Northern Vermont

Tuesday, October 12: The afternoon activity of the day was to give our Maryland friends an opportunity to try out my inflatable kayak, and after doing so, they are now on a path to acquire one! Or two. We went over to Shelburne Pond, an area of conserved land, so that all the development one sees along the water are the farms at each end of the lake. Each of them took a turn, and then Chris went out for a longer paddle, while I sat happily with my knitting.

Then we went on to visit Champlaine Chocolates, in South Burlington, and a couple of wine and cheese shops, gathering goodies as we went. The chocolate company has a deserved reputation for excellence. On the way home, we went past a community garden full of dahlias –

the colors of which were echoed in the reflection of the sunset in the windows.

Colorful Vermont Mountains

As mentioned in the last post, I neglected to take a camera battery. The first photo (taken while going up the tram) was by Chris Tanner, as is the last in this post; the middle two by Bill Williams. It was an amazing day!

Cliffs near the top of Mt. Mansfield

The above is State Route 108 – there are signs all over the place warning tractor trailers not to attempt this road! Apparently they get stuck regularly, between the rocks on the curves. This is the route we took leaving our spectacular day on the mountain.

Autumn in Northern Vermont

Visiting my sister and her spouse, along with friends from southern Maryland; today was a spectacular day! We went to Stowe,  driving along roads with spectacular color, then went up the tram to the top of the ski area, where we had reservations for lunch. The trees are so much brighter up here than 100+ miles south, where I live – and where a fungus has caused most of the maples to drop their leaves early, turning brown before turning red or orange. But I forgot to bring the spare camera battery, so I didn’t take photos of that adventure. I will post – probably tomorrow – some of the pics taken by the guys with their big SLR cameras – which will have done a better job anyway!

Kayaking the Williams River

Wednesday, October 6: After morning knitting group, my friend with the Oru kayak and I went out from where the Williams River joins the Connecticut. It was a glorious day – as you can see! We started off going around the cove between the rivers, where we saw this osprey:

There were lots and lots of dragonflies! The red ones clustered around me – probably because I was wearing a shirt with lots of reds in it!

There was not much wind, and a good day for good reflections.

Then it was on up the Williams River, to where the bridges are for VT Rte 5 and I-91. They are working on the interstate highway, and claim the channel is closed; there’s a rope across it, but clearly others are going on through. We didn’t; the water gets thin and rocky not far beyond.