Roadtrek Roadtrip, Return Home

Monday, September 20: Today was spent driving, taking mostly the scenic route back to Vermont from Maryland. I started later then I would have liked, but that meant I didn’t leave until after rush hour. Even though I didn’t hit anyone’s rush hour, it’s still construction season, and there were waits for one way roads in a few places. But I was not in a hurry! The above photo was taken at the Pennsylvania Welcome Center. Even though I drove up along the Deleware River, there was nothing along the way that really caught my eye – so this was the only photo I kept from the day.

Currently Blooming

This is what is blooming in my yard as August becomes September. They are mostly wildflowers, as most of my yard is meadow. There are at least three different goldenrods, three different asters – I didn’t take photos of everything, but this is representative.


Well, I was kayaking again today – it was so hot and humid, it was good to be on the water. But I didn’t take a camera, so I am posting photos taken at the hosts’ house at Kolelemook on Tuesday.

Kayaking Goose Pond With ORFS

Outdoor Recreation for Seniors went to Goose Pond in Canaan, New Hampshire, kayaking, then hosted for home made ice cream at the home of two members. The sky was very hazy with smoke from fires in the western states, but that didn’t keep us from having a great time – and with half a dozen flavors of ice cream, there was something for everyone! I had several somethings. But I didn’t take a picture of the selection – I was too busy choosing!

Rock grows around tree???
Loaded up, heading for home.


The Thunder Gods have been active ever since I came down to Connecticut, so I’m not kayaking. The boat is sitting out getting washed, and washed again, by the rain! My camera and I are using breaks in the weather to wander the yard, and getting a lot of knitting done.