Succulent Blooms

Here in Maine, things outdoors are very frozen, white, and not blooming! But indoors, the succulents are flowering; they were an unidentified group won at an auction by my friend here, so she has no idea what they are, but they are cheerful and pretty in the midst of winter.

Christmas in Northern Vermont

The house here has very frilly flowers – the cyclamen above is in the middle of the dining table. And on the kitchen island is this amaryllis:

With several layers of petals, and two stalks of flower heads, it is the most exuberant I’ve ever seen! I added the bee; my youngest granddaughter requested a knitted bee for Christmas. I’ll make her another, larger one, but this one is very cute – and provided all the biologists here with a pollinator for their plants. And, being so tiny, it was a very quick knit. The black was from my aunt’s stash, and the yellow and white from mine. I slightly modified the pattern from

However you celebrate this season of the year, and the turning of the calendar to the new one, I hope you and yours are healthy, safe, warm and fed.

Garden Raid

I was invited – encouraged! – to get zucchini from the garden belonging to friends. It is the best zucchini I’ve met – even the largest have soft edible seeds, and the flavor is great, especially when slightly browned. The flowers are large, at least a spread hand’s breadth; the larger one is 15 – 16 inches long. Yum!

Raccoons (or something) got the corn; I figure this cat is a response. Maybe it will scare the critters away. Maybe not…

More Sunflowers

On seeing my post with all the sunflowers, my kid sister was inspired to take and send to me a photo of the ones on their dining table. My guess is that if she thought I’d put it out in public like this, she would have moved the laundry on the porch!

Zinnia and Gazania

I spent a fair amount of time at a friends’ house, keeping the cat company, raiding the garden – and admiring their flowers, while they were away. I didn’t compose the photo of Zinnias above as well as I’d like – but the Gazanias below came out well – and if they were perennials I’d covet them. And then not have enough sun for them!


People have grown sunflowers in New England for a long time; this year, with the invasion of Ukraine, there are many more – along with Ukrainian flags, paintings of sunflowers on walls, flags with the country’s name and sunflowers. A trip to Connecticut meant that I’ve been in four states in four days; there were sunflowers, and more sunflowers – in cutting gardens, for sale by the side of the road, in yards, along the roadside. These are only the ones that were easy and safe to stop and get photos.

Kayaking Lowell Lake

Wednesday, August 24: Some of us from Wednesday knit group arranged to go kayaking after. The objective was to give one couple a chance to try out a couple of lighter and folding kayaks, the Oru and my Sea Eagle. And we had a very mellow 10 month old puppy along for the fun.

It was well after lunch time, but we didn’t want to be out for too long (there was another dog in a car), so we paddled out, swapped kayaks,

and went back to near the parking area where we ate lunch, and the two dogs got to come watch us eat.

This loon popped up about eight feet from my boat! I was so startled, it took me a while to remember to take a photo!

We were out until well after 5:00; it was a beautiful evening.