Another Knitted Hat

Actually, I finished knitting this hat last week – then I washed and blocked it, and forgot I’d left it outside to dry under the shed! I’m glad the mice and birds didn’t decide to make nests from it.

This hat used up every last bit of the dyed yarn, used to make the cowl and fingerless mitts previously ( The white was left from making the knitted gloves. I didn’t have enough of the rusty red to make the hat I wanted, with it as a lace layer over the white, so I translated the lace pattern into stranded knitting, and just followed the pattern until I ran out of the red, then knitted the top with white. I’m pleased to get one more yarn out of stash!

Completed Knitting, Coasters

A friend asked if I could knit him a set of coasters. Of course! Above are the prototypes, four different designs, four different yarns. He chose the blue design, in the blue yarn. Now they’re finished:

My personal favorite is the round white one, but I don’t have a reason to use coasters. They were fun to design and knit – once I got past the fiddly circular start at the center! Juggling five needles, with only eight stitches, meant dropping a needle more than once. Oh, well. They really were a quick knit in spite of that.


Bader likes to knit. Without opposable thumbs, he tends to do it with his teeth; he has to chew the knitting needles to get them out of the way, though! My knitting was out of reach for the night; this morning he watched wistfully, hoping to participate. Maybe.

More Snow, and Another Finished Project

It started snowing Monday evening, and continued through the day yesterday, building up another 12 – 15 inches of white stuff. It was heavier than the last storm, and I was glad I’d aimed the car downhill! When the snow had pretty much stopped, I went down, cleared the car of snow (mostly), packed a distance down the hill, and was able to get the car nearly to the bottom. But the neighbor had plowed across the bottom of my drive, and I didn’t dare try to go over/through two feet of packed snow, so I figured I’d go home and deal with shoveling in the morning. I am so fortunate in my neighbors – another neighbor went out – after dark! – and plowed away the berm at the bottom, and shoveled out from in front of my wheels, and cleared the remaining snow off the roof of the car. When I went down this morning, with enough time to shovel if I had to, I found that all I had to do was start the car and drive out! No problem! Then it was on to deliver 320 meals for the hungry from the caterer to a place which distributes them, and then to northern Vermont and my sister to drop off stuff and do another sewing project.

Meanwhile, while posting all those wildlife photos, I finished the hat shown above for the sister of the friend for whom I made the last hat. Same colorway, same (diminishing) pile of stash. Now I’m more than half way through a pair of fingerless mitts to go with it. With luck, I’ll finish them before the weekend.

Knitted Cowl

I completed this nearly two weeks ago – but I was busy posting the wildlife photos, so put off getting a photo of this until all of those were posted. The yarn is the yarn I over-dyed, shown in this post:

I used a stitch from the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible, and used about half of the yarn from that skein. I’m wearing it now – and it feels great, and keeps the cold from the back of my neck!

Knitted Gloves

Middle granddaughter requested knit gloves for Christmas. They are going to be a little late – you wouldn’t believe how long it takes to knit all those fingers! I don’t feel I ever need to knit another pair, and if it hadn’t been a request from a special person, I wouldn’t have done it this time, either.

The yarn is old, and from stash – the label says Schaffhauser Wolle, SoirĂ©e, a 75% wool/25% silk blend. How do I know it’s old? The price on it is 25 cents! The pattern is Cassandra’s Gloves, from a Jane Austen Knits magazine, 2015. If I ever need a lightweight pair of mittens, I’d use this pattern and consolidate the fingers; I enjoyed doing the mini-cable pattern.