Roadtrek Roadtrip, the Numbers

This is going to be a quick and easy post – if somewhat delayed by the rest of my life!

Total days away: 11

Total miles driven: 1193 (1920 kilometers, for you metric folks) Not all days were driving days; not all driving was done by me in my vehicle. Those aren’t counted. Nor did I count miles sailed, or miles kayaked! Or yarn knitted, but I did complete one project.

Total spent on fuel: $279.13 I also spent modest amounts on food, did not pay for campsites as I was visiting friends and relations, and didn’t take toll roads. Average 22.8 MPG – much better than usual! And I triple checked that I hadn’t missed any, as I had trouble believing it.

States visited: Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland.

Roadtrek Roadtrip, Return Home

Monday, September 20: Today was spent driving, taking mostly the scenic route back to Vermont from Maryland. I started later then I would have liked, but that meant I didn’t leave until after rush hour. Even though I didn’t hit anyone’s rush hour, it’s still construction season, and there were waits for one way roads in a few places. But I was not in a hurry! The above photo was taken at the Pennsylvania Welcome Center. Even though I drove up along the Deleware River, there was nothing along the way that really caught my eye – so this was the only photo I kept from the day.

Roadtrek Roadtrip, Betty Cooke’s Jewelry

Betty Cooke is a native of Baltimore, in her late 90s, and still creating artworks in the form of jewelry. There is a retrospective of her work now at the Walters Art Museum in downtown Baltimore, and most of the family went to see it today – as well as the panel discussion and question/answer opportunities with the artist. Several of the family have pieces by her – and those present wore them. Looking around the people in the gallery and in the lecture hall, there was a good representation of her work on living breathing people, not just in display cases and on walls!

Actually, my favorite piece wasn’t jewelry at all, but a drawing of a yak, maybe?

The photo of jewelry I like best is this one of a unicorn, maybe, with bent horn – although it’s abstract enough, I could be wrong! But I also like how the shadows work in the photo.

And here’s Betty, answering questions. She’s a little sprite of a woman, with an engaging presence. She wore a piece made of thin tubes of silver, strung on something invisible, and draped artistically a few times around her torso and under one arm.

Across the street from where we parked, there was one of Baltimore’s excellent murals, entitled “My Sister’s Garden” –

That wasn’t all we did today – four of us went to visit my 101 year old uncle; we went out to dinner to further celebrate my local cousin’s birthday, and I started the next knitting project.

Roadtrek Roadtrip, #7: Moving North

Thursday, 9/16: Time to move on – after breakfast (Julie has discovered microwave scrambled eggs, and Genne got to lick out what remained.) The geese watched me load up and move out.

My destination wasn’t far, as roadtrips go – the area on the north side of Baltimore. My cousin is in the Mt. Washington neighborhood, and aunt in Towson. Between them, in Mt. Washington, is this beautifully carved guardian:

Roadtrek Roadtrip, #6: Breakfast in Solomons

Tuesday, September 14 – Thursday, September 16: On down the road, south through Maryland to Solomons. I stopped on the way down, thinking it would be good to get on the water – but it was very hot, and humid, without a breath of breeze. And it has stayed hot, although Wednesday had plenty of breeze. So I’ve been mostly sitting and knitting in the coolness indoors. My friend here is in a condo on the water, so the views are nice – I’ve not gotten photos, but herons and osprey regularly fly by the windows around the creek, and there is frequent boat traffic. Above was breakfast: French toast with cream cheese, a liberal amount of strawberries, maple syrup (real, of course), and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

View from balcony

Roadtrek Roadtrip #4: Sailing on the Magothy River

Monday, September 13: Moving on from Montgomery Village to Takoma Park, Maryland, I was offered the opportunity to go out for a sail. Over the years, I’ve been out aboard Sanderling several times, to various places on and about the Chesapeake Bay. It was a beautiful day, but very hot and humid – it was a relief to get out on the water, with a reasonable breeze. Leaving the creek closest to the mouth of the Magothy, we turned west up the Magothy River, beating against the wind.

The lighthouse below is what I would call a vanity lighthouse – not official, or functional, built privately on a private island – and the arrogance to fill in a marsh to make access of materials easier! Just think what a few feet of sea level rise, accompanied by a good tropical storm or hurricane, would do to this!

After zig-zagging our way up wind for roughly four miles, we turned downwind – and went wing and wing (a sail out to each side) most of the way back to the creek.

Oh, Deer! A Roadtrek Roadtrip Sighting

September 9 – 11: I’m on the road again. Departing Thursday, I spent one night in Bennington, Vermont, then on Friday drove down to Sandy Spring, Maryland, where I had a meeting on Saturday. While I was waiting for others to arrive, I sat with the doors of the Roadtrek camper open, knitting – and watched a Mom and two fawns walk across the yard. If I’d had camera in pocket, where it belongs, I could have gotten a photo of them walking in front of the solar panels – I thought that would be a great juxtaposition. But I had to move (slowly and quietly) to get the camera, and by the time I had it in hand and was back in my seat with the view, one had wandered back behind the building, and these two were munching under the trees. Then Mom wandered off, while Junior took on the job of pruning the shrubbery.