Travel Photo Challenge, Number 10

I started this series with a sunset, so thought I should end with a sunrise.  Immediately after taking this photo, I put kayak on water for a dawn paddle. That’s been the great thing about doing the travel challenge – going through and reliving those days. And seeing what others are putting out there, too.

Whether someone suggests this to you or not, consider doing it – ten photos, best memories, no stress, no compulsiveness. (Anyone notice I didn’t post yesterday? I doubt it negatively affected you!)

Travel Photo Challenge, Number 9

Oh, this is so much fun, going through old photos, remembering trips from when we could travel freely without fear of virus!

lynneacsalvo, have you considered putting some of your amazing photos on the Travel Photo Challenge? Her Life is Like a Bike blog is an amazing journey to highlight the need for peace in our world, by bicycle.

Travel Challenge Photo #7

It is SO HARD to pick one photo from my best wildlife photos – maybe after I finish this challenge, I’ll post the best 10 from wildlife? I’ll blame Gumtrees and Galaxies for throwing me this dilemma!

I know who I’m suggesting this time, but I’m doing it privately as they’ve not blogged in well over a year. They’ve done a lot of travel, by land and by sea, and have some stunning photos – but I don’t want to publicly put them on the spot.

Travel Challenge, Number 6

Some days are just magic. I’m grateful to Gumtrees and Galaxies for putting me on to this – I’m still going through photos from the past, and remembering travels from when I felt I could travel. Another few months, and hopefully there will be enough vaccine and vaccinated so I can bust out of here – I usually leave for mud season, March – April, anyway!

I’m going to suggest that participate in this challenge to choose 10 days of travel photographs, without identifying information.

Travel Challenge, Number 5

Another in the travel photo challenge, on the suggestion of

I was too shaken, demoralized and depressed by the events of Wednesday to make any comments yesterday, even to give credit to Gumtrees and Galaxies when I posted last night. The peaceful transfer of power is what has – until now – made our democracy what it is. So I’m back, saddened for our country.

I’m going to suggest that take up this challenge. Another world traveler and adventurer, she’s got some great photos.