Weeping Cherry

As the sun came in under evening storm clouds, the weeping cherry lit up and glowed pink. This photo was taken yesterday evening – life is moving too fast, so I’m about a day behind posting! There were other things to lift the heart – but I was driving. There was the rainbow, not quite enough of one to stop the car to get a photo. There was the great blue heron that flew over in front of the car. Life is good.


Another Knitted Hat

Actually, I finished knitting this hat last week – then I washed and blocked it, and forgot I’d left it outside to dry under the shed! I’m glad the mice and birds didn’t decide to make nests from it.

This hat used up every last bit of the dyed yarn, used to make the cowl and fingerless mitts previously (https://kayak2016blog.wordpress.com/2021/02/27/todays-completed-knitting-project/). The white was left from making the knitted gloves. I didn’t have enough of the rusty red to make the hat I wanted, with it as a lace layer over the white, so I translated the lace pattern into stranded knitting, and just followed the pattern until I ran out of the red, then knitted the top with white. I’m pleased to get one more yarn out of stash!

Rosedale Farms

I’ve been driving past this barn a lot lately, and finally stopped to get its photo on this gray day. I wonder about the artist, and how they blended those colors, and got them 20 feet up on the barn! Some day I’ll have to stop and ask questions.

Easter Dinner

Featuring grilled salmon with dill, a specialty of my talented brother-in-law, and going clockwise we also had a salad, braised parsnips/leeks/fennel, and roasted potatoes with a lemon-garlic sauce. My sister made individual meringues with strawberries in the center, and chocolate whipped cream – they were really pretty, and I should have gotten a photo of them, too! We’ve taken turns cooking while gathered this extended weekend, and we have eaten well.

One of the buds fell off the amaryllis taken to Mom; we put it in water and it has opened. When the table isn’t covered with food, it sits in the center.

Primary Colors

As an unreconstructed art teacher, even in retirement I keep taking photos I would have used with my classes. What might these illustrate? How these colors relate to each other on the color wheel. Choices made in clothing or home decor. Contrast. The possibilities of mixing these slightly muted colors, as opposed to pure red or yellow or blue.

Mud Season!

And that was after I’d pulled it up from the depths! I got home yesterday evening, and was walking the path to the house – and suddenly was up to my ankle in muck! The shoe came off – just as well, as I couldn’t pull it out with my foot! This is why most years I tend to head south for Vermont’s mud season. The same thing happens with vehicles.

Cabin Fever

I recently finished this book, another digital read. It is in parts a meditation, in parts memoir, all inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s nature writings. It is a gentle book, poetic at times – and with a dry sense of humor that helps keep everything in perspective. The family retreat, a small home built cabin, is in southwestern Michigan, not far from the lake; the primary house is in a Chicago suburb. There are children, pets, and a wife; life happens.

White Birch/Paper Birch

Three posts ago I posted photos of river birch (which I think is also called black birch). One comment was that that tree is called paper birch where they live. This is what we call paper birch – or white birch – with much lighter bark, both in color and texture. If I get really ambitious, I’ll get photos of the yellow birch that also lives in my yard, and post all three for comparison!