A Hat Knitted for ME!!

As you may have noticed, most of what I knit is for other people. I took time between other projects (I still have two promised Christmas gifts for granddaughters to complete) to make myself a warm hat – one that fits better than my other warm hat, which is always trying to crawl off my head. This was completed last night, at 6 Loose Ladies Knit Night. Yarn: someone had given me that very nice heathered gray wool singles, and a novelty yarn (Filatura Di Crosa, Missoni Bombay, a wool/acrylic blend), and another single spun soft orange wool which I ran with the Missoni for the colorwork. All in stash, of course. The pattern was made up – figure out how many stitches for the ribbing, figure out what kind of pattern fits into that, knit until I ran out of one of the yarns.

I read through the next pattern for socks for middle granddaughter, but didn’t actually start them. This weekend, I am back at my sister’s and will get them started – a New Year to start a new project! Not that it was uneventful getting here – I went down my driveway to load up the car, and it had a flat tire. I am fortunate to have helpful and competent neighbors; I took it next door, and the neighbor put air in it, was not confident it would hold, and put on the spare for me. Thank you, thank you!

May all of you have a peaceful and joyous 2023 –

Yarn (and Food) Tasting

Thursday, June 9: Katie, from Bobolink Yarns, came to our Thursday Knit Night last week at 6 Loose Ladies in Chester, Vermont. Bobolink does breed specific yarns, often from farms that breed for meat, not spinning and knitting – wool that often has gone to waste. Every participant got a goodie bag (except the last thing I need is more yarn!) and could sample examples of several yarns. The shop was packed, and because it was a special event, more effort than usual was put into the food for the evening. I’d made cheesy cream puffs and deviled eggs, but my favorites were the tarts filled with brie and cranberry, made by another knitter.

And why am I a week late posting this, you ask? Because I left the next day for a week in Maine, where I didn’t have internet, and my cell signal was too weak to use as a hot spot!