Spring Flowers

These photos were taken Sunday, walking along my driveway. There is lots of the purple trillium – it’s growing in great profusion, in several places. The blue cohosh is more discrete – there is a lot of it, but the flowers are small, and the plants are mostly visible because they are so blue this time of year. And the bloodroot, lower right, is showy enough – but only lasts about a week before the petals fall off and only the leaves are left. There is not a lot of it – and I thought it hadn’t shown up this year, but that’s because it moved down the hill to be right along the driveway.

Then there are the domestic flowers – these daffodils warm my heart, every time I go out. They are also by the driveway. I’m not venturing off the beaten path – this is a horrible tick year, and even just walking to the car, or on the driveway, they keep finding me! Grumble.

Bloodroot is Blooming

When I first moved here, I knew where to see bloodroot in the spring – and it wasn’t on my land! About 12 years ago, it started showing up along the driveway, and now it has spread to be a reliable ephemeral sign of spring.