Kayaking Bogue Sound, West

Bogue Sound NCLast time I went east; this time I went west. Again, I was out as soon as the sun was up.


Bogue Sound palms

Bogue Sound gooseSmall craft warnings – it’s metal, so looks like it’s always blowing!  Bogue Sound small craft warningsApartments and condos:

Bogue Sound apartmentThis is the same Atlantic Beach bridge from the other day – but about five miles further west! It was taken in color, but it doesn’t look it! Bogue Sound Atlantic BeachAnd the snow birds are heading north.


Kayaking Bogue Sound

Bogue Sound westBogue Sound, looking west –

Kayaking, which is a perfect way to get exercise while practicing physical distancing, is really easy here – I went out and east about three miles, then up Bogue Sound Spooners Creek heronwhich had its own egret –

My favorite boat name of the day: Bogue Sound Squid RowEven better, it was in front of a very modest house, in that very high rent district.

Bogue Sound heronsThere was a pair of osprey – one had a tail like a fish! No, wait – that is a fish. Breakfast!

Bogue Sound osprey 1Bogue Sound pelican

Bogue Sound tortured treeThis weathervane actually worked – the others I saw, not so much. Bogue Sound weathervane chickAlthough why a chicken, out here on the end of a dock??

Looking east toward the Atlantic Beach bridge:Bogue Sound Atlantic Beach bridgeIt was a glorious morning to be out, and I feel like I got exercise!

Bogue Sound bouy

Roadtrek Roadtrip, Part 15

Monday, April 29: This was a day to get out on the water. The best time would be early morning – but I seem to spend mornings hanging out and helping around the house. Mid day is too hot. So about 3:15 that afternoon I drove the couple of blocks to the marina that’s part of the development, and launched there. It was a glorious afternoon. Bogue Sound is shallow – the only place with any depth seems to be out where the Intracoastal Waterway comes through. I paddled from 3:40 until 6:15, and the deepest water I was in was about four feet deep! Hurricane Florence came through here last year, followed a month later by Michael; Florence did a lot of damage. Along the shore, there are houses that have clearly been renovated, and docks repaired – but there are still blue tarps on roofs, and fully half of the piers and docks are still not functional.


Bogue Sound heron and crow


Bogue Sound commercial boatsBogue Sound ospreyBogue Sound R&RBogue Sound shadowsBogue Sound sailing

It was a glorious end to the afternoon. The only exciting part was a powerboat throwing a huge wake – throwing waves over my bow. Oh, well – the water was warm, I was wet, I didn’t care! And if I got knocked over by the waves, I was only in three feet of water anyway. But that was not even close – my Eddyline took on small amounts of water, because I wasn’t using my spray skirt, but mostly we cut through and over the breaking waves.  Back to the Roadtrek – and a change of clothes! – and the few minutes back to the house and supper.