Dragon Cat Seeks Attention

I often go next door to use their internet, visit, snag surplus veggies, or just hang out. Especially if his people are away, Dragon wants ATTENTION – NOW!! The above series, he really wanted in, but the footing was too precarious, so he ended up jumping down and coming in through the open car door to land on my lap. And today, he wanted me to know that a live cat was much more pettable than a computer!

Sunny Sunday

Sunday, February 6: Still in Maryland – where the furniture hasn’t moved yet – it is a glorious sunny day. The animals are taking full advantage – Hollister, the cat, and Genne, the dog. They don’t ordinarily choose to be in close proximity, but sun draws them in. The people are packing and loading around them.

Dragon Kitty

I’ve been cat sitting (and house sitting, but Dragon is the important one!) since I returned from Christmas. This morning he was bouncing off the walls – literally! – knocking things off shelves, going outdoors, coming in, going out, coming in – he wants to be out, but then he realizes it’s COLD! I want some of his energy! At least he’s calmed down enough now so I can get the knitting out without worrying he’ll attack it.

Roadtrek Roadtrip, Upstate New York on the Farm

Dawn, the next morning:

Thursday, August 13 – Sunday, August 16: What follows are some of the images that caught my eye on the farm. First, there’s Blizz –

We toured the land, including the sugar house

And to the top of the hill, for the views

There’s an old shale quarry up there, with interesting stones:

Back down through the woods,

And around some of the spring-fed ponds, with fish.

Friday I went kayaking (a different post), and on Saturday we did a road trip up to visit a horse, and in the barn was this very friendly turkey.

Then, on Sunday, it was time to head home – here’s a photo from the ride home, in Wilmington, Vermont.

Albany, New York

On my return home, I was able to stop and visit with a former student and her significant other – and the cat. They have a house in a quiet neighborhood of older homes, with character!   Albany archesThe interior of the house also has arches, delineating most separations between rooms. It was harder to capture those, though! Even the cat scratch furniture has character – Albany cat scratchAlbany screened catSafe on the other side of the firescreen, that’s Ellie. I think! I didn’t write down her name, and my memory is not infallible.

Saturday we went over to Troy, across the Hudson River, to the farmer’s market and to walk the town; that will be the next post.