Chester Fall Festival

Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18: The Village of Chester, in Vermont, has an annual Fall Festival. This was the first year I’d attended. The first day, I mostly hung out with the fiber crafters at Six Loose Ladies with my knittng – and also walked down through most of the vendors.

Then, on Sunday, I went with a couple of friends, seeing much of what I’d not explored the day before. The highlight was the presentation by the Vermont Institute of Natural Science; they have ambassador birds, unable to be released into the wild, and we got to see an American Kestrel:

a tiny Screech Owl:

and the star of the show – a Red-tailed hawk. She paid intense attention to what her handler was saying about her!

We also enjoyed live music, watched apples being crushed and pressed for cider, and ate Thai food from one of the food trucks.

I don’t need this car, even though it’s my favorite color – I suspect it lowers and raises its suspension, but sitting here it had maybe an inch of ground clearance! Wouldn’t cope with my driveway.

Paint Choices: Chester, Vermont

Chester is a charming and vibrant Vermont town, with lots of small shops (including an independent bookstore) and lots of history. For a small town, it has a lot of fine dining, and artwork, not least of which is the effort put into the painting of its houses. It also has a local yarn store, and I go nearly weekly to knit with others, so I’m in Chester a lot. I decided that Chester deserved its own Paint Choices page – and I didn’t even get all the thoughtfully colored examples!