Weeping Cherry

As the sun came in under evening storm clouds, the weeping cherry lit up and glowed pink. This photo was taken yesterday evening – life is moving too fast, so I’m about a day behind posting! There were other things to lift the heart – but I was driving. There was the rainbow, not quite enough of one to stop the car to get a photo. There was the great blue heron that flew over in front of the car. Life is good.


Rosedale Farms

I’ve been driving past this barn a lot lately, and finally stopped to get its photo on this gray day. I wonder about the artist, and how they blended those colors, and got them 20 feet up on the barn! Some day I’ll have to stop and ask questions.

Cold Feet

Of course, as soon as I posted the geese last night, they decided I could take their photo today! I didn’t get out of the car this time, shooting through the car window, which meant I couldn’t get the half dozen geese that were walking on the ice. Here’s a representative sample –