Storm Clouds at Sunset

Ha – did that fake you out? These are the colors I saw the other night, as storm clouds cleared, and the evening sun was setting – orange blushed clouds, with some very bruised looking ones. But I was driving the highway, and didn’t stop for the photo that would match these colors. Stitch pattern for the cowl from the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible; yarn from stash – very, very old stash – Mary Maxim Mohair Glitter (acrylic, wool, metallic – not a breath of mohair!), of which I used about 35 grams.

Another Completed Knitting Project

This is the second cowl completed as thanks to another of the nurses who cared for Mom in her last months. It’s a very different yarn, chosen for the color name (No. 2 Pencil) from Dirty Water Dyeworks. It’s a merino and nylon sock yarn, on the heavier side for socks. Again, I used a design from The Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible, although I shortened the repeat by one row so I could offset the columns. The repetition was easy to memorize, the yarn a delight. I used all but a couple of yards of it, so another Yarn Haul yarn out of my stash!

Knitting Completed – Cowl

It’s been raining on and off all day – well over two inches so far here in northern Vermont. An excellent day to sit and knit – and that’s what I’ve been doing, finishing the above cowl. It is destined to be gifted to one of the excellent nurses who cared for Mom in her last months. I don’t have the yarn info with me; if anyone cares enough to ask I’ll hunt down the label when I get home! The stitch pattern is from the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible, one of my favorite sources to build designs. I found a repeat that would come out to the 120 stitches I wanted with eight repeats, and knit six vertical repeats, using 40 grams of the 55 I started with. It is as light and fluffy as it looks!

Today’s Completed Knitting Project

Another completed project for myself – these mitts are from the same overdyed yarn ( I used for the cowl posted last month:

I have a basic fingerless mitts pattern concept. For these, I slightly modified the lace pattern (from the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible), taking one motif and elongating it to fit the length of the mitts. I find it interesting how the color blocking changes with the difference in distance around the circumference.

Knitted Cowl

I completed this nearly two weeks ago – but I was busy posting the wildlife photos, so put off getting a photo of this until all of those were posted. The yarn is the yarn I over-dyed, shown in this post:

I used a stitch from the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible, and used about half of the yarn from that skein. I’m wearing it now – and it feels great, and keeps the cold from the back of my neck!

More Small Knitting

The Governor of Vermont gives regular press conferences on Covid-19 as currently experienced in our state, and I try to listen if I’m home. Last week, I’d just taken a seat in the rocking chair where I knit, without forethought, and found myself with a cat on my lap, but with no knitting. Horrors!! So I started looking around at what was available to my hands, without disturbing the cat. I had needles, I had a bag of smaller balls of sock yarn, I had a pattern for a hat with an interesting slip-stitch pattern. I used three of the leftover sock yarns, and made this cowl: Cowl 2