Spring Flowers

These photos were taken Sunday, walking along my driveway. There is lots of the purple trillium – it’s growing in great profusion, in several places. The blue cohosh is more discrete – there is a lot of it, but the flowers are small, and the plants are mostly visible because they are so blue this time of year. And the bloodroot, lower right, is showy enough – but only lasts about a week before the petals fall off and only the leaves are left. There is not a lot of it – and I thought it hadn’t shown up this year, but that’s because it moved down the hill to be right along the driveway.

Then there are the domestic flowers – these daffodils warm my heart, every time I go out. They are also by the driveway. I’m not venturing off the beaten path – this is a horrible tick year, and even just walking to the car, or on the driveway, they keep finding me! Grumble.


My sister has lots of daffodils, of many varieties, around the place. But when the snow and rain and high winds knocked many of them over, they were just begging to come in the house!

More of Spring

Tuesday, March 22: Today was the day to get the paperwork for Mom’s taxes to the accountant in Connecticut – a quick down and back trip. But I also had to stop at her former facility to pick up the last piece of paper – and spring is much further along 120 miles south! The crocuses and daffodils were very happy, and the maple trees are blushing red.

This south facing hill was planted with lots of daffodil bulbs years ago – but it is no longer weeded, so it’s a little more cluttered than it once was, and the shrubs get in the way of seeing the daffodils clearly. Oh, well – The sky was blue, the sun shining, and it was a glorious day for a drive!

Signs of Spring!

About three days ago I first heard the Canada geese heading north.

There’s now more driveway open, than covered with ice. March showers are bringing April flowers – the first of my daffodils are coming up! (Of course, there are still some under the snow…)

Sap is flowing for maple syrup; I didn’t get a photo of the neighbor’s tapped trees. And the ice is out on the Connecticut River – at least around here, where the current flows briskly. It was still all white a little further south a couple of days ago, where it starts to back up behind a dam.

Roadtrek Roadtrip, Virginia to Baltimore

Thursday, February 17: I started – and finished – this hat during my couple of days off. This photo was snapped quickly, as I was loading to leave – it doesn’t show the detail on the top. Oh, well! It was a quick knit, using two strands of an unnamed acrylic found at a thrift shop by the recipient, started Tuesday evening, finished Thursday morning when all I had left to do was weave in the ends.

As I was pulling out, I saw that the first of the daffodils is starting to show color – it was so warm (60 – 70F, 15 – 21C) I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t fully open by the end of the day!

Then it was on to Solomons, Maryland, where I dropped off the hat and a few other things, and picked up the belongings I’d emptied from the Roadtrek to make more room for moving. I was too late to miss rush hour for the drive up to Baltimore, which was slower than I’d hoped, but I was able to have dinner with my aunt, show her the blue sweater I’d knit with her yarn (posted two posts ago), and deliver said sweater to my cousin.

Tomorrow I head back to Vermont, a full day of driving, and by Saturday will start the next knitting project. Stay tuned…