Puppy at Wednesday Knitting

He doesn’t have opposable thumbs, so has a problem handling the knitting needles, but he definitely adds to the cuteness factor!

This post should have gone out last Thursday, but WordPress didn’t want to do that – and made me rewrite it so I could post it! Oh, well – he’s cute enough I figured it’s better late than never.

Kayaking Narraguagus Bay, Maine

Tuesday, 4/14: If it’s Tuesday, I must be kayaking – but not with my ORFS friends this time! I, with my hosts, paddled out to Foster Island, in Narraguagus Bay. It was WINDY – much windier than forecast, and I really had to work to keep my inflatable kayak pointed where I wanted to go; I was pushing the limits of what it’s designed to do. Around the northern point of Foster Island, there’s a sandy point; we put in on the back side of it to stop for lunch.

View from lunch spot:

A UFO landing pad? Well, no – Matt pulled up a dead tire and moved it above the tide line for later removal.

Leaving out lunch spot. Across the way is Pinkham Island, where we headed next. It’s a preserved area, and has lots of eagles on it – we were looking for nests, although we didn’t see any there. We did see one on Foster, as we were leaving.

Taking off the skeg was a solution to the lack of turning; It was much better following the lunch break when I took it off!

Along Pinkham Island:

We watched a seal riding the falling tide between Pinkham and the mainland; I was focused on controlling my kayak, so didn’t get any photos of it – but it sure was cute!
Lupines along the way; further around the point, the hedge of roses appeared.

We settled in the sun on lounge chairs; Tasha the dog was freed from her prison in the house, and was very glad to come down to be on the beach with us!

The Roadtrek on the Road Again

Friday, June 10: As soon as I could get the food and kayaks loaded in the Roadtrek, I headed out. My first stop was in Laconia, New Hampshire, where I visited one of my Quaker Knitting Goddess friends for a couple of hours. Then it was on to Orrington, Maine, where my goddaughter and her husband have bought a small house – which houses the above four cats (and one more I didn’t get a photo of), and a dog, as well as the two humans.

Saturday, June 11: After breakfast with my hosts, and an e-mail check, and visiting, I headed off to the coast of Maine. Missing the first turn meant that I had to turn around – and this was the most convenient place to do it! Serendipity – it meant that I will plan on kayaking on another trip; it is so very close to their house!

It is peak lupine season in Maine; here the field next to the parking area was full of them!

I went back to the last intersection, taking the road I should have taken in the first place – and not far along that road Audubon has another access for kayaking, so I have two places to explore when next I visit.

Mother’s Day Weekend in South Carolina

This was the progress made on framing the garden shed, on two partial days over the weekend. Everyone is pleased – including Amber, who had many people around to throw her ball for her!

This morning, we went for a drive to check out a couple of kayak launches. One I’d seen before, and one is only appropriate if you want to fish; I may check out the third tomorrow if the weather’s good.

Roadtrek Roadtrip, Spring Edition

If you were wondering what the state flower and bird of North Carolina are, the floor of the Welcome Center is happy to show you – dogwood and cardinal. Yes, I’m on the road again; I left Monday, and by Tuesday morning was in Richmond to visit friends there. Then yesterday drove down to South Carolina to visit cousins. I’m sitting out on the back deck, in the shade with a nice gentle breeze, and a nice gentle dog, and a glorious, just starting to bloom magnolia.

Sunny Sunday

Sunday, February 6: Still in Maryland – where the furniture hasn’t moved yet – it is a glorious sunny day. The animals are taking full advantage – Hollister, the cat, and Genne, the dog. They don’t ordinarily choose to be in close proximity, but sun draws them in. The people are packing and loading around them.

Richmond: Diversity Thrift

Tuesday, February 1: After a good breakfast and a late start, the mission for the day was to hit some thrift stores, and a scratch and dent appliance store. Three of us and the dog loaded into the Tacoma pickup and headed for Diversity Thrift – a HUGE thrift store in Richmond. I took a brief glance around, but I do not need to carry anything home on this trip! I went out and sat in the truck with Genne and worked on my knitting – until they started bringing out bags of stuff (two bags of records landed in her dog bed, so she ended up asleep on my knitting – which put a stop to that!)

Then off to shop for a refrigerator, washer, dryer and bed to be delivered to the new house tomorrow, and another thrift store, and by then it was getting late and hunger was making some of us, both human and canine, cranky. We ordered Chinese, dropped the women at the house, and shortly after were feeling much happier. We have lists of things to get done tomorrow.

Roadtrek Roadtrip, Winter Edition

I left Vermont yesterday, January 28. Going to Connecticut and visiting the month old great-grandson was first on the list – and his mother, and aunt (to whom I was delivering mittens knit as a late Christmas gift) and his grandfather. I was good to see, and catch up with, that piece of the family – and have a chance to snuggle the latest addition! Then it was over to visit a friend. It was supposed to be a quick overnight, and leave this morning for Baltimore and southern Maryland – but the weather forecast made that seem very unwise. When the big trucks are asked to be off the highway by 6AM, I figure I should, too! So today was spent knitting, and being leaned on by Bader: 

We did go out to clean off vehicles, and so I could bring in the makings for dessert – and again when the men with the snowblowers showed up to get the vehicles out of their way, so they could clear the driveway. It was still snowing when it got dark.

Seed head on ornamental grasses

Another Day in Portland, Maine

Today I moved a couple of miles to where another few friends live – of whom Sophie is one! She is not a small dog, being exactly the right height so that your hand falls on her head when she walks under it. Her parents are friends of many years, former Vermont residents. Her human Mom and I went to Willard Beach, in South Portland, thinking we would swim – and did get up to our waists in the rather chilly water before the rain started.

I believe that is Portland Head Light off in the distance, through the rain. As it began to rain harder, we moved up under a tree; when it started raining through the tree and didn’t look like it was going to stop any time soon, we gave up, gathered our belongings, and headed back to the car – wading through water to get there. Oh, well – I’ve been to a new place, seen kayakers out on the water, admired some very pretty sailboats, and gotten wet in the bay, then rinsed by the rain.