Kayaking the Connecticut River

Saturday, October 2: My friend with the Oru folding kayak met me again at the same boat launch, at Springfield, Vermont. It was mostly cloudy with rare breaks of sun – raw and windy; almost immediately we saw this eagle chase another off that branch, but you can see how ruffled the feathers are!

The wind was much stronger than the current, so we started out going upwind, down current. Of course, after we turned the wind lightened considerably – but it was still much faster on the return trip! As we were loading up, another group arrived – four people, two dogs. I liked the color coordination!

Yesterday’s Eagle

Driving south toward Bellows Falls, I saw something out on the ice near the Connecticut River. And I wasn’t the only one – several cars stopped to watch this eagle enjoy it’s fishy lunch, and one of the ice fisher people had a camera trained in it.

Kayaking North Hartland Dam, Vermont

Four of us caravanned to North Hartland Dam, in Vermont, a Corps of Engineers facility. Covid has them closing the beach, and their picnic shelters, but the boat ramp is open. It was overcast when we arrived – probably river valley fog – but the sun was out by the time we left. It started out very calm, with lots of reflections.

There was lots of wildlife – eagles, cormorants, turtles, herons –

These birds remained unidentified – even after going through bird books at the library later that day!

We could have spent longer, and gone all the way upstream to Quechee Gorge, but I had an appointment to get the windshield replaced on my Roadtrek. We packed ourselves up and three of us went and found a picnic table up the hill at which to eat lunch. It was a beautiful day to be on the water, and the wildlife was an added bonus!

Kayaking Narraguagus Bay

Thursday, July 30, to the Narraguagus River and return: It was a beautiful early morning, and I caught the high tide (one cannot launch a kayak from the mud flats easily, so high tide is when you take a boat out!) to explore up the creek that’s mud most of the day:  Narragaugus R. in  creekNarragaugus R. tree blocking creekNarragaugus R. out creekThat tree limits progress upstream; I was hoping to get to the bridge that carries the drive to the house, but it was not to be. Then out to Narraguagus Bay, which is what the house looks out on. Narragaugus R. viewNarragaugus R. rock, Sand CoveNarragaugus R. point/reflectionSitting on Crow Rock was an eagle – being harassed by terns, which were being harassed by crows. Narragaugus R. eagle on Crow Is.Narragaugus R. cormorantsOn around to the mouth of the Narraguagus River, admiring this pretty little sailboat,Narragaugus R. sailboat 1this mysterious man standing around, Narragaugus R. mystery manand on up a little way until I could see the village of Milbridge. Narragaugus R. MilbridgeBack past the cove with the sailboat, and a view of the lobster boats across the river:

and return, with a view of the houses, and past Sand Cove. The big rock is a landmark – you know you’re almost home. Narragaugus R. Spring and NeapNarragaugus R. Sand Cove reflectionNarragaugus R. our rock

Kayaking Grafton Pond

Grafton Pond eagleBird of the day! I spent at least half an hour drifting around this eagle; it kept an eye on me, between grooming its feathers. But to start at the beginning:

Yesterday’s planned ORFS outing kayaking here at Grafton Pond in New Hampshire was cancelled because of the likelihood of nasty weather. But today was great – mostly cloudy, with sunny breaks, not too hot. I had a good time, even though I didn’t get to have that good time with my friends. There were lots of people – the parking lot was full and I had to park on the road – but there is enough space out on the water so I was rarely close  to anyone, and often couldn’t even see others.

This mushroom was across the road from where I parked. I’m glad I got its picture early as it faded while I was out on the water!  Grafton Pond 'shroomIt was a good day for birds – kingfishers,

and loons – Grafton Pond loonGrafton Pond viewThe water is low – to the point where there’s none going over the spillway. There were a couple of places where I’m accustomed to going between islands and couldn’t, Grafton Pond thin waterand usually I have no problem going over this old stone wall. This time I had to go around. Grafton Pond over stone wallGrafton Pond white flowerAs I was making my way back to the launch, I was surprised to see another Roadtrek in the parking lot! There hadn’t been room for mine when I got there; I was a little jealous! Grafton Pond RT