Kayaking Calico Creek

Calico Creek Conchs Point signIn Morehead City, one of several launch sites: Calico Creek public water accessI went upstream/up tide/up wind up Calico Creek. Good exercise! This is very inhabited, although less so once one gets up beyond a small bridge – Calico Creek upstreamThere were lots – LOTS! – of gulls and terns and cormorants. Calico Creek old dock/birdsCalico Creek laughing gullsNot all were practicing social distancing.  Most impressive were the egrets, both Great and Snowy: Calico Creek great egretCalico Creek snowy egret plumesI wonder who dresses his hair?!? I sat and watched him fish for quite a while, although I had to wedge myself between some of those mollusks Calico Creek mollusksto not drift rapidly out with the tide. It made photography challenging.

This heron was more shy, keeping its distance.Calico Creek GBH

Calico Creek indecisionIt’s hard to read – it says “DOCK OF INDECISION” at the head of the dock. Calico Creek view 2And then it was back to the waiting Roadtrek. This is definitely not a ramp in the civilized sense of the term, but made for a great place to launch. I wouldn’t want to do it without shoes, though – lots of sharp shells, and some glass.  Calico Creek RT awaits