Long Weekend in Connecticut

The highlight of the long weekend in Connecticut (south on Thursday night, north on Tuesday evening) was spending an afternoon with my almost seven month old great-grandson! He’s a joy, cheerful, easily entertained, smiling… and likes the slippery texture of tags, which he’s going for here.

I also visited with friends, and went to a memorial service for a nearly 97 year old friend of the family. Our families were close, and I grew up with her children, two of whom were near me in age. It was great to see all of them – two from England – and catch up not only with her biological children, but with the step-children as well, whom I’ve gotten to know over the years. It was great to hear stories – how many continue to host family reunions for a late spouse’s family, even after remarrying? I visited with her, and her second husband, often – they summered in Maine, wintered in Florida, had space to park the camper, found me kayaking venues, and in between seasons stayed at their house in Connecticut. I was able to join them on their canal boat in England – and they paid for the trip!! – when they were looking for younger muscles to work the locks. I miss them both, but have so many good memories.

The weekend ended for me on Tuesday, when I was able to join a few of my knitting buddies for their regular Tuesday gathering; I was much more regular at that before Covid – and before I started kayaking with ORFS!

But I’m glad to be home, where it is several degrees cooler.


Roadtrek Roadtrip, Florida

The reason for coming to Florida was to visit my youngest granddaughter, and her parents, for Thanksgiving. I rolled in the evening before, and stayed through the weekend. Their development is built around ponds, probably created from the surrounding swamp to build up the ground level for the houses. That means LOTS of wildlife – although the alligators that have moved into it have meant fewer birds.

NPR rear view

NPR crow

It was amusing to watch this little blue heron walk up to the sleeping ‘gator, give it wide berth – and scurry quickly past, then slow down again and resume fishing. The ‘gator woke up and yawned as soon as the heron was out of range.

NPR egret

NPR lizardI’d not met Florida soft shelled turtles before.

NPR crane gangI started to refer to this group of sandhill cranes as the “Crane Gang.” They are mooches – and the neighborhood feeds them, so they are very comfortable around humans. Not that I believe that’s a good thing, but it certainly made taking their photos easy!

Checking out the Roadtrek – NPR crane and RTAnd maybe if we knock on this door, they’ll feed us!  NPR crane gang comes calling

There were four of us for Thanksgiving; we ate well. NPR T'giving dinner

Roadtrek Roadtrip, Northern Neck Virginia

Irvington HoneyCeltic Honey is the new dog in town! After a visit with my Baltimore aunt, and a meeting in Sandy Spring, I continued on to visit my Northern Neck Virginia friends. Honey belongs to Tim and Maria, and is all puppy teeth and energy. I spent a lot of time throwing toys and balls for her to fetch, and chew on – Irvington HoneyIrvington Honey 2

I’ve posted photos of Heaven before, with her “sister” Shandy (Roadtrek Roadtrip Part 20 from last May) but I’ve never caught her in enthusiastic motion quite this well! Irvington HeavenThis is a cross section of a very large and threatening mulberry Cay had taken down this year. Impressive – and it may become a tabletop. Irvington big mulberryAnd driving around through town, one place had these on every gatepost. Do they cover lights? I never went back after dark to find out! Irvington gate post

Kayaking with Koreans at Waterbury Reservoir

Waterbury Res. Bill on hillSunday, August 11: Having driven part way north after dinner with friends in Plainfield, New Hampshire Saturday, I parked the Roadtrek in the driveway of Plainfield (Vermont) Friends Meeting. After worship Sunday morning, I went up to join sister, brother-in-law and Korean friends at the state park at Waterbury Reservoir. It was a beautiful day, and 5 year old Jasmine had a wonderful time! I used the new to me inflatable kayak, Holly and Bill used their canoe, and the visiting family rented a two person kayak. We paddled up and around the corner to find a place for lunch, then a little further north, then returned to the park. Waterbury Res. lunch stopA butterfly joined us at lunch:  Waterbury Res. butterfly 2Waterbury Res. viewOne happy dog – and companion –  Waterbury Res. fun yet?Waterbury Res. downwindWaterbury Res. Jasmine paddlesOn the way back to Holly and Bill’s, we stopped at the Long Trail pedestrian bridge. Long Tral signLong Tral bridgeScreen Shot 2019-08-21 at 9.54.48 AM(last photo by Ingie Hong)

Then back to the house, where Jasmine’s grandmother, Ingie’s mom, Holly’s compatriot from grad school years, was waiting, having taken a day of rest. Then, Monday before we all scattered, we went up to the neighbor’s house for a tractor ride. I got a great photo of the tractor bucket full of people, with Jasmine’s grin a mile wide, but it’s not on this memory card, and I didn’t download it. Maybe another post…



Mom celebrated her 97th birthday on July 23.  DSC00424And then I invited my nephew to join me for dinner in Maryland; we met half way between where I was staying, and where he lives. My crab pizza was delicious, but not particularly photogenic. His salmon, on the other hand, looked amazing –0729191820